To provide Southern Africa (District 74) with master class training in leadership and all other aspects of Toastmastering.



To equip and provide all Toastmasters in Southern Africa (District 74) with the ability and knowledge to be effective leaders and communicators.


What is TLI?

  • TLI is a need and standard based body.
  • Equipping and enhancing Toastmasters performance of duties by providing quality training designed specifically for TM
  • TLI team are committed and experienced TMs
  • Variety of skills are offered to maximize the TM offfering
  • Developmental at all levels of TM
  • Central point for training & communication thereof – not having to charge around looking for resources (training material & TM’s to present it)
  • Ability to provide workshops to the clubs and divisions COT
  • TLI offers leadership development expertise to all Toastmasters
  • TLI affords unique learning experiences / opportunities in Leadership Development
  • A resource for clubs, areas, divisions and district


What will TLI change?

  • Provide a platform for Toastmasters to learn and attend the programs of Toastmasters outside the club environment
  • TLI will ensure there is a certain standard the Toastmasters in District 74 achieve. This will be due to increased effort put into training sessions and the recruitment and retaining of trainers within district
  • Perception of TM – professional and capable
  • Raise the awareness of TM
  • Organised and monitored DOT / COT training
  • Leadership interventions
  • TLI will change the Leadership Landscape within the South African Community
  • TLI will provide an ethical Leadership Code of Conduct  supported and backed by Industry and Business
  • Focus of training will be relevant and applicable to local market
  • Investors in People


What will TLI achieve?

  • Proper training will ensure proper performance, which will make sure that all our clubs are at the very least – distinguished.
  • TLI will also enhance the image of Toastmasters within the district through the workshops that will present
  • Quality control
  • Raised awareness
  • Stability – TM knows where to go to get training done for division COT and or clubs
  • Opportunities for TM’s to practice their skills in presentation, organization etc
  • TLI will achieve excellence in creating credible Leaders
  • Sell the Toastmasters programme
  • Members want to aspire to be come world class leaders