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Toastmasters District 74 Stock Prices
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NPrice valid for new stock but will not replace unless requested
Consider presentation folders Item 342K for your Prospective member kits
DescriptionAction CodeRef NumberPrice Rand each
Speechcraft Coordinator Guide20480.00
Speechcraft Workbook204H70.00
Speechcraft Certificate Participant26114.00
Speechcraft Kit205600.00
Youth Leadership
Coordinator Guide802120.00
Youth Leadership Workbook80560.00
Youth Leadership Certificate Participant81014.00
Youth Leadership Kit - 1 Coordinator's Guide, 5 wB +Certificates+Worksheet811480.00
Blank Certificate51114.00
Membership Certificate51314.00
Distinguished Service501G14.00
Best Speaker ( price pack each393BS10.50
Best Evaluator ( price each )393BE10.50
Best Table Topics ( pricee ach )393BTT10.50
Icebreaker Ribbon price each40712.50
First Timer Ribbons ( price each )393FT10.50
Welcome Ribbons each393W12.50
Pathways L1494L112.50
Pathways L2494L212.50
Pathways L3494L312.50
Pathways L4494L412.50
Visionary Communication Proficient Ribbon494VC12.50
Strategic Relationships Proficient Ribbon494SR12.50
Team Collaboration Proficient Ribbon494TC12.50
Persuasive Influence Proficient Ribbon494PI12.50
Presentation Mastery Proficient Ribbon494PM12.50
Leadership Development Proficient Ribbon494LD12.50
Innovative Planning Proficient Ribbon494IP12.50
Dynamic Leadership Proficient Ribbon494DL12.50
Effective Coaching Proficient Ribbon494EC12.50
Motivational Strategies Proficient Ribbon494MS12.50
Membership Pins - Silver5753110.00
Membership Pins - Full Colour5757130.00
Set of Club Officer Pins5801Z1,220.00
President Pin5801160.00
VPE Pin5813160.00
VPM Pin5815160.00
VPPR Pin5814160.00
Secretary Pin5805160.00
Treasurer Pin5806160.00
SAA Pin5807160.00
Club Past President Pins5808160.00
DTM Gong5798380.00
DTM Pin5800160.00
Where Leaders Are Made5758130.00
Outstanding Member Pins1115C110.00
Triple Crown Pin5909200.00
Pathways Proficiency Pins
Innovative Planning Proficient5850160.00
Presentatiom Mastery Proficient5851160.00
Dynamic Leadership Proficient5852160.00
Effective Coaching Proficient5853160.00
Leadership Development Proficient5854160.00
Visionary Communication Proficient5855160.00
Motivational Strategies Proficient5856160.00
Persuasive Influence Proficient5857160.00
Team collaboration Proficient5858160.00
Strategic Relations Proficient5859160.00
Success Communication
How to Listen Effectively KitR242600.00
The Art of Effective Evaluation KitR2511,000.00
Art of Effective Evaluation WorkbookR251B40.00
Building Your Thinking Power Part 1 : Mental FlexibilityR253750.00
Building Your Thinking Power Part 1 : Mental Flexibility - workbookR253B20.00
From Speaker to Trainer KitR257800.00
From Speaker to Trainer WorkbooksR257B20.00
How to Conduct Productive MeetingsR236420.00
Parliamentary Procedure in ActionR237550.00
Leadership Part 1:Characteristics of Effective LeadershipR255700.00
Leadership Part 1 WorkbookR255B40.00
Leadership Part 2 : Developing Your Leadership SkillsR256700.00
Leadership Part 2 Co-ordinator's GuideR256A100.00
Leadership Part 3: Working in the Team EnvironmentR258500.00
Improving Your Management SkillsR259500.00
Other Items
Wooden Gavel375240.00
Gavel Brass / paperweightR1916A300.00
Debate Handbook104110.00
Ballots and Brief Evaluations163440.00
Timing Cards90160.00
Chat PackN1319185.00
Word of the DayN1415230.00
Word of the Day iiN1416235.00
Evaluation Kit (Pathways provides )N167200.00
A Toastmaster Wears Many HatsN1167D25.00
Contest Pack of certificatesR510K50.00
Special Orders
Banner digital available from TI at US$30 and then club makes in SA
Banner Bag standard banner onlyR325100.00
Lectern banner326510.00
Portable lectern 2 in stock need repair collect onlyR382400.00
Marketing Materials
New Club Information KitR12355.00
Confidence. The Voice of LeadershipR10120.00
Find Your VoiceR9920.00
USB TM card 8GB flash drive localR6899CARD70.00
USB TM Folding Flash drive 8GBR689980.00
Core values banner (Damaged - useable)R6837A400.00
Core values Coin set of 5R6860A50.00
Legacy Stock
CL achievement chart ????R30810.00
Legacy Education set 3 chartsR30.00
Competent Communicator +leadership+manuals225+26560.00
Advanced Manuals
Entertaining SpeakerR226-A50.00
Speaking to InformR226-B50.00
Public RelationsR226-C50.00
Facilitating DiscussionR226-D50.00
Speciality SpeechesR226-E50.00
Speeches by ManagementR226-F50.00
Professional SpeakerR226-G50.00
Technical PresentationsR226-H50.00
Persuasive SpeakingR226-I50.00
Communicating on VideoR226-J50.00
Interpretive ReadingR226-L50.00
Interpersonal CommunicationR226-M50.00
Special Occasion SpeechesR226-N50.00
Humorously SpeakingR226-O50.00
Advanced Communication SetR226-Z600.00
High Performance Leadership kitR262130.00
HPL Guidance Committee WorkbookR26340.00
Youth Interpersonal Communication
Youth Interpersonal CommTeam Leader ManualR701A50.00
Team Member WorkbookR701B80.00
Legacy Pins
Pathways PinR588040.00
Competent Communicator PinR550040.00
Advanced Communicator BronzeR551040.00
Advanced Communicator SilverR551140.00
Advanced Communicator GoldR551240.00
Competent Leader PinR552540.00
Advanced Leader BronzeR554140.00
Advanced Leader SilverR553140.00
Promotional button "Ask me about TM"R68095.00
Pathways Pin for Chosen Path
Innovative PlanningR5840100.00
Presentatiom MasteryR5841100.00
Dynamic LeadershipR5842100.00
Effective CoachingR5843100.00
Leadership DevelopmentR5844100.00
Visionary CommunicationR5845100.00
Motivational StrategiesR5846100.00
Persuasive InfluenceR5847100.00
Team collaborationR5848100.00
Strategic RelationsR5849100.00
Other Items
Presentation folder price eachR342L6.00
Presentation folder price Per pack of 25R342K125.00
T-Shirts Vintage Logo 1*XL onlyR708550.00
Plastic badges holders (set of 20)R398K20.00
Promotional pensR69948.00

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