Lekgotla La District 74


District 74 for the first time will be hosting an online conference scheduled for 6 to 9 May 2021, something no one could have imagined when the first club was chartered outside North America on 1 May 1950 .

When the team brainstormed names for the conference, a lot of suggestions with catchy phrases were considered but none of the names espoused what we intend to capture with the convention – which is to gather people around amidst these uncertain times, bring hope and a forward-looking message on the Africa that we desire. The team finally settled for Lekgotla La District74 because this is to us what the conference represents – a gathering like no other.

A ‘Lekgotla’ - in the cultural sense whenever a gathering, usually of elders, was convened, would be under the shade of a tree or a kraal like U–shaped wooden structure. Such gatherings were called by the  family or village elders with an overarching objective – to discuss pertinent issues, to resolve conflicts or just to play catch up with one another.

Lekgotla in any village would be in an open, spacious area to allow everyone a decent sitting place and for this there was a sitting order. Elders would be seat ed first and in chairs while other members sat on mats, standing would be the last option. Participation was unlimited and such gatherings always took longer than the allotted time with an overarching theme on humanity – I am, You are, We are!

Things may be uncertain, but we are certain that our Lekgotla La District 74 conference promises to be a conference like no other. Follow all District 74 Social Media pages: Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn  for more details on how you can secure your ticket to the conference.

I am, You are, We are!

Lekgotla La District 74 Team

Our contact details: maycon@toastmasters74.org