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But why? The reason for evaluating


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TITLE : “But why? The reason for evaluating”

by Louis Nigrini - TM D74 Evaluations Champion 2013 & 2016   


“But why?” From experience, most parents and teachers will be able to tell that this is the core question of any four year old:  “Eat your veggies?” “But why?” “Go to sleep” “ But why?” “Daddy loves you..” ‘But why?”


From experience, this is also the question I believe we should all ask (and honestly answer ourselves) more: “I’m part of Toastmasters.” “But why?” “I came to improve my leadership and speaking skills” “But why?”…and so on and so forth.  The more you honestly answer the why questions for yourself, the deeper you will be venturing into your own rabbit hole of motivation and reason.


When looking at evaluation, the “But why?” reason we do elevations is primarily to accomplish the following: 1) To educate, 2) to empower, and 3) to inspire.  Over the next three articles, we’ll be delving deepening into each of these outcomes. 


But why? Because if we as evaluators do not know what to outcomes of the evaluation is suppose to be, it is easy for us to stand up for three minutes and regurgitate to the speakers and the club what they said and how they said it, without contributing to the growth of the speaker or the audience.


But why? Because evaluations are the best opportunity to invest in the development of the speaker by highlighting the good and growth points. It’s also an opportunity to develop the members of the audience who all saw the same speech: By effectively using the speech as an example, everybody gets to grow in understanding.


But why? Because that is the mission of Toastmasters International: To empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.


Points to ponder:

         1          Does your club and evaluators have a clear understanding of why Toastmasters have evaluating sections on the agenda?

         2          Are you approaching this evaluation section as an opportunity to 1) educate, 2) to empower, and 3) to inspire everyone in the audience (the speaker, club members, and visitors)?

         3          If not, “But why?”



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