Toastmasters District 74

Southern Africa

Bedfordview Toastmasters Creates Club Culture

By Laureen Mutch, Bedfordview Toastmasters


It was a cold June evening when the new Exec Committee of Bedfordview Toastmasters first met to discuss our vision for the 2016/2017 year for our club.

Our vision: A community club with a culture of Professionalism and Value.

It had always been done this way, “They” said.  So how did we change it?  How do you create a club culture?


Educational sessions.  We have one at every meeting, so our members are always getting added value and know what the club expectations are.


Sometimes the sessions are the educationals prescribed by Toastmasters.  Sometimes the sessions aren’t.  We try to keep each session under 10 minutes, before attention wanders ;-)


We’ve had a session on what to wear to club meetings.  We’ve had a session on meeting roles.  We’ve had a session on mentoring.  We’ve even had sessions reviewing an article from the Toastmaster magazine.


Different members present the session each time, so the topics and views are varied.  Both the presenter and the members learn.


This is our club tip, feel free to use it in your club.  Let’s start sharing club methods for success.