1. Club Emissary Report

To prepare for your Club visit, print out this Club Emissary Program Visit Form, to use as a guide to take notes at the meeting.

2. After the Club visit.

Use your notes to complete and submit an electronic Club Emissary Visit Report. 

3. More information

Want to know more about the Club Emissary Program?  Download the program here.


What is a Club Emissary

A Club Emissary is someone who visits Clubs other than his/her own Club to learn, share and grow and submits a feedback report after each visit.

Once three (3) completed visit forms to three (3) different clubs, of which you are NOT a member, are electronically submitted, you will be recognised as a District 74 Club Emissary.

First time Club Emissaries will receive a silver Club Emissary pin. Don’t stop at only three visits. We encourage you to continue your visits and upload your reports.