What is expected of the individual:

  1. Attend 75% of the Meetings.
  2. Carry out a major assignment each month (Something that requires preparation, eg a speech, Toastmaster of the Evening, Topic Master.)
  3. Carry out a minor Assignment at any of the other meetings, eg Evaluator, Time Keeper, Um-counter, Impromptu speech.

The benefit would be forthcoming for 2 years and if growth is maintained then a further year will be permitted.

Progress will be monitored and if expectations are not being achieved the funds will be withheld, however there will be some flexibility in this.


Joe Garmeson Trust


The Garmeson Trust forms Individual 2019- 2020

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 Garmeson Trust Fund Background

Joe Garmeson was a very prominent Toastmaster from its early days in the 1950s up until the turn of the century.  He was active in every aspect of the organisation and made a major contribution towards its growth and ultimate recognition as a District.

Joe passed away in 2001. He donated half of his estate to a trust. Tree quarters of the income is used to subsidise the membership for people who are keen to join Toastmasters but can’t afford the full fee in order that they can benefit from Toastmasters programme

Joe Garmeson - Mr Toastmaster Southern Africa.
Joe Garmeson - Mr Toastmaster Southern Africa.


A lot of the success of the birth of the District was because of his efforts and notably to lobby Toastmasters International World Headquarters to recognise Southern Africa as a full district even though it only had 50 clubs.  That is low for an overseas district, but after that it continued to grow.

A second amazing thing that Joe did was to lobby the South African government to allow non-whites to attend Toastmasters meetings, explaining to them that even though it was against the apartheid regulations that it would benefit the country as a whole ifnon-whites could be allowed to attend meetings.

Joe became very active in District 74 and other overseas Districts fulfilling many functions, notably club extension Chairman and continued with these functions until his untimely death in 2001.  He was buried at the Fourways Memorial Park and his gravestone is engraved with the Mission of Toastmasters.  Even in death Joe is an on-going Public Relations Officer for Toastmasters District 74.

Gavel Clubs

Should an underprivileged group be identified that wishes to benefit from Toastmasters but where sustainable funding looks unlikely then a Gavel Club can be formed.  Here the Garmeson Trust will sponsor the whole club and that sponsorship can carry on indefinitely.



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Needless to say members of the Gavel Club will be encouraged to join full Clubs as soon as they obtain gainful employment which is expected as they continue their Toastmaster Training.


The Garmeson Trust Members

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