District DirectorFrank Tsuro
Program Quality DirectorNikki Quinn
Club Growth DirectorMerryl Jubber
Relations Manager Andrew Tsuro
Administration ManagerNjabulo Thela
Finance ManagerGerson Kamatuka
Immediate Past District DirectorKeith Bowen
Division Director LSenate
Division Director EAngie
Division Director AVuyisile Vuthela
Division Director DLynne
Division Director RJazzmin Hecht
Division Director STebogo
Division Director HAudrey
Division Director ITawanda
Division Director PAlison
Division Director ZDorothy Chanakira
WebmasterCraig Strachan DTM,
Stock CustodianDi Sharp
Credentials Officerto be
Chief JudgeKarin Cremer DTM,
TLI Team LeaderTim Knights DTM,
District Parliamentarianto be
District Leadership CommitteeKeith Bowen DTM,
Conference CoordinatorAlison
MayCon ConvenorMakgahlela
Chief Pathways AmbassadorLois Strachan DTM,
Chief Pathways GuideFrances Fraser DTM,
Club Quality ChairmanNancy
Educational CoordinatorTendai
Club Emissary Team LeaderBaleseng Thobane
Club Fitness Rewards CoordinatorElaine O'Gorman
Club Leads ManagerMerryl Jubber
Speechcraft Team LeaderIan Bratt
Youth Leadership Team LeaderIan Bratt
Career Conversations EditorMichael Shackleton
On A Point Newsletter EditorLinda Chimanikire
#PeopleMakingHistory EditorEdwina
Web Content EditorShaun Goodbrand DTM
Brand Management Team LeaderGary
Media Relations Team LeaderBarbra
Special Projects Team LeaderGlennita


Past District Directors

No Year Name Surname Status District Status District World Ranking Paid Clubs Payments Distinguished Clubs
39 2017/18 Keith Bowen DTM 0% 0.68% 57.22%
38 2016/17 Sandra Cooper ACB ALS President's Distinguished 14 8.38% 9.61% 55.87%
37 2015/16 Paul Jensen DTM 3.49% 1.99% 52.91%

Past District Governors

No Year Name Surname Status District Status District World Ranking Paid Clubs Payments Distinguished Clubs
36 2014/15 Aletta Rochat DTM Select Distinguished 6.63% 7.64% 59.87%
35 2013/14 Frances Fraser DTM Distinguished 37 3.43% 4.73% 58.87%
34 2012/13 David Preece DTM Distinguished 27 12.35% 3.52% 54.23%


No Year Name Surname Status District Theme District Status District World Ranking
33 2011/12 Erich Viedge ACS CL Where leaders are made Select Distinguished 8
32 2010/11 Rob Douglas DTM Distinguished 46
31 2009/10 Craig Strachan DTM Growing people 66
30 2008/09 Lois Strachan DTM Let's talk! 81
29 2007/08 Karin Cremer DTM Reach beyond 71
28 2006/07 Frances Boshoff DTM I Can Distinguished 70
27 2005/06 Elize Janse van Rensburg DTM Do what you do, do well 55
26 2004/05 David Sutcliffe DTM Do it NOW 76
25 2003/04 Larna Anderson DTM You can fly
24 2002/03 John Bourhill DTM Touch the sky Distinguished 27
23 2001/02 Martin Ranger DTM Reach out
22 2000/01 Beth Thomas DTM Together developing each other
21 1999/00 Anella Grimbeek DTM Unlock your future Distinguished 22
20 1998/99 Ray Elcott DTM Your Cabinet supporting your club
19 1997/98 Judy Alexander DTM Be the best you want to be
18 1996/97 Ron Duff DTM Toastmasters- Enjoy the experience
17 1995/96 Tim Knights DTM Go for goals
16 1994/95 Maggie Northam DTM Courage, commitment & quality Select Distinguished 11
15 1993/94 Taffy Roberts DTM Mission excellence Select Distinguished 8
14 1992/93 Owen Heyden DTM Dedicated Toastmasters are dynamic
13 1991/92 Ian Flint DTM Awaken our dormant resources President's Distinguished 6
12 1990/91 Pieter du Plessis DTM Discover the richness of Toastmasters
11 1989/90 Howard Steinberg DTM Adapt Toastmasters to your life President's Distinguished 3
10 1988/89 Adolph Kaestner DTM Sharing the joys of Toastmastering Select Distinguished 7
9 1987/88 Len Urdang DTM Let us grow stronger
8 1986/87 Hennie Lemmer DTM Get involved
7 1985/86 Ian Grobbelaar ATM Quest for quality
6 1984/85 Mike Levinrad DTM For better understanding
5 1983/84 Norman Adams ATM Commitment secures growth
4 1982/83 Jan van der Merwe ATM The member first
3 1981/82 Clive Kneale ATM
2 1980/81 John Hely-Hutchinson DTM
1 1979/80 Gert van Blerk DTM Enjoy being a Toastmaster


The following are the functions of the PDG Advisory Committee:

  • Long range planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Issuing advisory papers on request – normally in the form of tasks delegated by the incumbent District Governor
  • Individual mentorship of District officers – is left to the discretion of each PDG
  • Demonstrating support of the current District Team– the Committee does not fulfil a “Big Brother” role, it acts rather as an advisory one, supplying advice and recommendations where needed


Lois Strachan DTM 2008/09
Karin Cremer DTM 2007/08
Frances Boshoff DTM 2006/07 Distinguished District
Elize van Rensburg DTM 2005/06
David Sutcliffe DTM 2004/05
Larna Anderson-Beebe DTM 2003/04
Beth Thomas DTM PID 2000/01
Tim Knights DTM 1995/96
Ian Flint DTM 1991/92 President's Distinguished District
Howard Steinberg DTM PID 1989/90 President's Distinguished District


Adolph Kaestner DTM 1988/89 Select Distinguished District
Mike Levinrad DTM 1984/85
Adrian Spruyt DTM 1976 Council


2009/10 Projects

Supporting Distant Clubs and Areas Beth / Lois Complete
Shift Perspective from Public Speaking to Personal Development Unconfirmed On hold
Training Leaders Elize / Frances / Ian In progress
Make Leadership Track more Relevant All On hold
D74 Awards Karin / Tim Complete
District Coordinators Guidelines Lois Complete
Diversity Beth In progress
Leadership Mentoring Programme Lois Complete

2007/08 Projects

D74 Website - public face Adolph Complete
NPO PBO Registration Beth Complete
3-5 Year Strategic Plan All Complete
Gavel Clubs Frances Complete
D74 Coordinators Guidelines Adolph Complete
Update of Code of Practice Elize Complete

2006/07 Projects

Update of Conference Guidelines Elize Complete
D74 Emergency Fund Beth Complete
D74 Awards Tim / Elize Complete
D74 Speaker’s Bureau Adolph Complete
Performance Management for D74 Officers All Suspended
D74 Website Strategy and Enhancement Adolph Complete

2005/06 Projects

Update of Code of Practice Tim Complete
Joe Garmeson Trust Guidelines Beth and Tim Complete

2001-2003 Projects

Extending Boundaries into Africa Larna Complete 2003
Irregular Practices within D74 Larna Complete 2003
Conference Schedule Tim Complete 2003
D74 Code of Practice Tim / Joe Complete 2003
Conference Advisory Paper Tim / Joe Complete 2003
Conference Cost Containment All Complete 2003
NPO Registration / Tax Exemption Beth Complete 2003
SAQA John Complete 2003
Long Range Strategic Planning Tim Complete 2003
D74 Website Adolph Suspended 2003
D74 Long Range Strategic Plan Joe Complete 2001
Conference Schedule Joe Complete 2001
PDG Medallions Tim Complete 2001