The first of the Club Fitness Rewards draws was held on Saturday the 7th of September. Two clubs received a full ticket to our annual Toastmasters Conference RoyalCon.

The first draw was for all the clubs that submitted their PR and Marketing Plan, 143 clubs were part of the draw and Congratulations go to Nedbank Umhlanga Toastmasters Club.

The second draw was for all the clubs that had 7/7 Club Officers trained. 49 Clubs were part of the draw and Congratulations go to Rhino Toastmasters Club.

The next draw will be held at the end of September for the three Treasurers Excellence Awards:-

I hope that your club is working toward achieving Treasurers Excellence and will be part of the draw.

The Club Fitness Rewards Co-Ordinator is Gerson Kamatuka and please feel free to contact him if you have any questions, you can reach him on cfr@toastmasters 74.org.

There are many other Club Fitness Rewards that your club should be striving to achieve. Achieving these awards means that as a club you are taking #onestepforward and meeting your members’ needs. For more information on the Club Fitness Rewards programme click on the link below

FOR CLUBS – Club fitness rewards

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