Toastmasters District 74

Southern Africa

Archived awards

Club Extension Award


Year Recipient
2004 Division A
2002 Division D

Awarded at the May conference



Award name

<Award name>

Donated by?


What is the award?
(e.g. trophy, certificate etc.)

  • A floating trophy
  • A certificate with citation
  • Registered in D74 Hall of Fame

When is it awarded?
(e.g. Maxicon, Minicon)

  • Annually at the May Conference

Covering what period?

  • 1 July of the previous year to date of May Conference

Presented to?
(individual, team etc.)

  • Any member of District 74
  • Must be a fully paid up member of Toastmasters

(i.e. not eligible for nomination)

  • The District Governor
  • NB: The award is a single person award and should not be shared between two or more recipients.

For what?
(the criteria)

  • To honour and recognise the individual who has made a significant contribution to District 74 by introducing a new and innovative:
    • process, procedure, idea, markets, administrative functions, marketing, educational, sales, public relations, sponsorships, etc.
  • That open up new avenues for District and its members and
  • That significantly increase and improve the work of District 74 in the Southern African Region
  • The Contribution should generally be a WOW experience that leads to breaking new ground and charting new territories for District and its members

<No ties>

Who may nominate?

  • All members of District 74 Council (i.e. Cabinet, Division Governors, Area Governors, Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education)
  • All District 74 Coordinators

Who decides?
(e.g. Awards Committee, DG)

  • District 74 Awards Committee

Presented by?

  • The District Governor

Last Updated?

  • <Month Year>