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Date added : 13-05-2019

THURSDAY 16 May 2019FRIDAY 17 May 2019
16h00 onwards – Arrivals and REGISTRATION

17h00 – Sound check

17h55 – Call to order

18h00 – Welcome: Mel Mosime

18h30 – Table Topics™ Contest: Merryl Jubber DTM

19h45 – DINNER

20h45 – Storytelling by Baby Boomers: Tim Knights DTM

22h00 – Networking

07h00 – REGISTRATION and Sound check

08h25 – Call to order

08h30 – Opening and Welcome: Grant Senzani DTM

08h45 – Flag Ceremony: Merryl Jubber

09h00 – Welcome to O.U.R Con: Makgahlela Talane

09h15 – Welcome to Division L: Senate Leeuw

09h30 – Opening Address: Frank Tsuro DTM

09h40 – The science of personal brand influence: Timothy Maurice

10h30 – TEA

11h15 – Evaluation Contest: Nikki Quinn DTM

13h15 – LUNCH

13h50 – Call to order

13h55 – Candidates' Forum: Keith Bowen DTM

15h25 – TEA

15h30 – District Executive Meeting

15h45 – Fast-paced madness: Aletta Rochat DTM

16h30 – Networking

17h30 – Amazing Race: Matimu Manganyi

19h45 – DINNER

20h45 – Networking

07h00 – REGISTRATION and Sound check

08h15 – Call to order

08h20 – Opening and Welcome: Lebogang Sebogodi

08h30 – Keynote: How to sprint to the finish line: Siphiwe Moyo

09h25 – District Council Meeting

13h30 – LUNCH

14h15 – International Speech Contest: Frank Tsuro

16h50 – Maycon 2020: Franz Devantier

17h00 – CLOSE: Lebogang Sebogodi

17h00 – Afternoon Snack

18h30 – Arrive and mingle
______ Collect starters

18h55 – Call to order

19h00 – Welcome: Tats Nkonzo

19h10 – Cabinet Parade: Tats Nkonzo

19h16 – Welcome Address: Frank Tsuro

19h25 – Loyal Toast: Sandra Cooper DTM
______Toast to Toastmasters International: Frank Tsuro

19h40 – Hall of Fame: Nikki Quinn

20h00 – Buffet Dinner

20h40 – Hall of Fame (continued)

21h00 – Entertainment

21h40 – Conference Team Handover: Makgahlela Talane

22h00 – Retiring of the Flags: Merryl Jubber

22h10 – Closing: Tats Nkonzo

22h20 – Dessert and dancing