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Lead with Some Laughs

Are you a leader who takes yourself too seriously? Would you like to incorporate more smiles in your leadership style? You might try strengthening what is perhaps the most underrated leadership trait—a sense of humor. Experts say humor and humility go hand in hand—and offer a counterbalance for keeping corporate egos in check and the…

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Happy Mentoring!

Do you want your leadership to matter? Do you desire to leave a legacy and make your mark on the world? Consider the benefits of mentoring, not just for those who seek your guidance, but for your own self-worth and happiness. Do you want your leadership to matter? Do you desire to leave a legacy…

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4 Things Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Don’t Do

People, from all walks of life and around the globe, are creatures of emotion. That’s why it’s not enough for leaders to only score high on intelligence tests. The other necessary “brilliance” has to do with emotional intelligence (EI), defined in 1990 by two American professors, Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer, as a form…

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Where Junkies Are Made

Do you know of Toastmasters Junkies? Have you heard of them? Are you one of them? Well, let us rather call them Toastmasters Enthusiasts. Junkie sounds bad right? I remember this one Tuesday in 2016, I attended Absa Breakfast Toastmasters Club in the morning, Standard Bank Operations after work and immediately after that I attended…

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