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Leap in Leadership-VPPRs

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”- Isaac Newton. Have you ever stopped to consider why great leaders are able to leave any form of cocoon? Toastmasters is one place with many giants offering their shoulders for others to stand on, and stay there as long as they…

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Don’t Wait, Start-VPEs

At this time of the year – when there is so much to do, I’ve found that it’s best to break things into bite-size chunks & focus on what’s important first. I nearly always manage to get everything I set out to complete, done. I would encourage you all to do this too & encourage…

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Mop Up Month-VPMs

Welcome to what I like to call “Mop up” month! Why do I say that? Your club has submitted their semi-annual dues for all the members that renewed before the deadline of September 30th but what about those that didn’t renew? Now is the time to mop up and improve your membership retention. If you…

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