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Attention VPMs! The Garmeson Trust

If lack of funds is the reason your members are not renewing, there is a solution – The Garmeson Trust!! If you have somebody in your club, or you have somebody that wants to join your club, but they cannot afford it, then consider the Garmeson Trust to help them with the costs of being…

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Renewals! Renewals! President’s Role.

When I think of September, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a Club President in October of 2016. She shared with me how she had remained with no one to lead as her club members had not renewed their membership. There are 2 key questions you need to be able to answer…

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Execute to Thrive-Club Secretaries

“A goal, without a plan, is just a wish.” For this month, your focus as the Secretary is to ensure everyone delivers on their commitment. It’s all about execution! Does your club have plans to achieve the Award, Treasurer’s Excellence award and collect dues on time? Did your club submit a PR Plan on how…

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