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Rainbow Nation Toastmasters Awareness Day

Rainbow Nation Toastmasters Awareness Day has come and gone. It was held at River Square shopping centre south of Johannesburg, on Saturday 27 April. What a steep learning experience but at the same it was very rewarding. We definitely made people aware of Toastmasters. Most of the people that I spoke to had never even heard of Toastmasters. The main questions that I had to deal with once you had attracted a person's interest revolved around trying to convince them that you were not directly selling something, how much does it cost and, interestingly, whether the meetings where religious based, possibly because we hold our meetings at the Methodist Church.

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I am very proud to say that as a club we achieved our mission. We planted the seed about Toastmasters in the lives of people that may never have be aware of Toastmasters. All it takes to grow - whether now or later on - is to take the opportunity to grow through an organisation: "Ours is the only organisation I know that is dedicated to the individual" - Ralph Smedley.

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Most importantly, the success of the Awareness Day belongs to Rainbow Nation club members. I would like to thank the following people who participated, giving up their Saturday and their valuable time preparing behind the scenes. A special thank You goes to Michele, Shirley, Cobus, Thabo, Malcolm, Aubrey and Zoleka.

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As a club we have managed to attract 39 possible contacts, which we will follow up shortly. On that note I would like us to be aware as a club that with the Easter long weekend coming up next week ,with our normal meeting planned for the 6th of April we need to prepare ahead. There is a strong possibility that we could have 5-10 guests attending. The theme of the evening is "What can Toastmasters do for you".



Graham Watson
Rainbow Nation Toastmasters