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Louis Nigrini is Production Manager for a Video Production Company focusing on Tourist Destinations within SA. He is a Toastmaster and a budding Professional Speaker who would like to tell the world about our country!



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District 74 Evaluation Contest Introduction and Demontration Speaker Khetha Cele http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/304-district-74-evaluation-contest-introduction-and-demontration-speaker-khetha-cele http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/304-district-74-evaluation-contest-introduction-and-demontration-speaker-khetha-cele

In Toastmasters, feedback is called evaluation, and it is the heart of the Toastmasters educational program. The purpose of an evaluation is to support, help and encourage speakers to improve, develop and grow their speaking ability. The Demonstration Speaker for the 2015 Evaluation Contest was Khetha Cele. Enjoy. 

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Verity Price 2015 District 74 Evaluation Champion http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/303-verity-price-2015-district-74-evaluation-champion http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/303-verity-price-2015-district-74-evaluation-champion

How the Toastmaster Program increases self-awareness and positive mentoring:
Teams work effectively through working together and understanding the goals they are going to develop. If you can listen effectively and then provide clear thought through discussion, do you think that would help to produce effective teams?

One of the ways Toastmasters develop this is through a program called evaluation. It develops 3 key skills. Listening, thinking and then speaking. Perhaps you might agree with me that those 3 skills, in that order, are much more effective than speaking first, listening to yourself and then thinking “Oh that was not a very smart thing to say.”

NOTE: To see the speech that Verity Price evaluated, watch the speech "District 74 Evaluation Contest Introduction and Demontrations Speaker Khetha Cele" 




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2015 D74 International Prepared Speech Champion - Zoya Mabuto http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/302-2015-d74-international-prepared-speech-champion-zoya-mabuto http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/302-2015-d74-international-prepared-speech-champion-zoya-mabuto

Zoya Mabuto 2015 winning speech for the D74 International Prepared Speech Champion. Zoya said “There was NO way that I could have accomplished this without the support of the Toastmasters community. I am a member of the Westrand Toastmasters Club and it was where it all began. After the club contest, I took my speech around to different clubs in and around Johannesburg and asked for open evaluations (where all members give feedback). I would then go back, make changes and then return to the clubs. The reception and encouragement really helped to boost my confidence. It was the ongoing support that contributed to my ultimate success. My mentor, Mary Byrne, who is a Toastmaster, together with many other supporters along the way, made this an incredibly special and worthwhile journey.”



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SA Growth rewarded by international organisation http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/301-sa-growth-rewarded-by-international-organisation http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/301-sa-growth-rewarded-by-international-organisation

Rob Douglas Presidential Citation 1Rob Douglas, a retired engineer from Johannesburg, has received a Presidential Citation from the International President of Toastmasters International for his role in the growth of the organization in southern Africa.

Rob, who served as District Director in 2010/11 kickstarted a five year growth spurt in the non-profit after 10 years of stagnation.

Business schools are recognizing people who achieve in the non-profit sector as the “triple athletes” of business. To really succeed in the corporate world in the 21st Century, experts say leaders need to have experience in Government, Non-Profit and Business.

Rob, who has achieved Toastmasters’ highest award, the Distinguished Toastmaster, ended his successful career at a French oil company in senior management – a feat he attributes to Toastmasters.

“I only discovered Toastmasters at the age of 40,” he said. “Imagine I had discovered it at the age of 20!”

Rob ran Toastmasters International in Southern Africa, overseeing an organization of 2,500 people in 9 countries, and grew the organization by a modest – but significant 3,1%, outstripping GDP growth in South Africa.

In the prior 10 years the organization had only once broken out of the 3% band.]]> pro@toastmasters74.org (PRO) Toastmasters Tales Fri, 30 Oct 2015 19:27:59 +0000 “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t” http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/300-don-t-tell-me-i-can-t http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/300-don-t-tell-me-i-can-t

Lois as she receives her Tr

Lois Strachan is no ordinary lady – fierce in her determination to ‘do the things you tell her she cannot do’ – it is no wonder that she has been able to achieve so many of the prestigious accolades that she has to her name. Cape-Town based Lois, is a past District 74 Governor, an ambassador for Casual Day - in line with her passion and commitment to raising awareness of the capabilities of persons living with disabilities, author of the children’s book series “The Adventures of Missy Mouse,” a professional speaker and storyteller and more notably, the recipient of the Tributes Excellence Awards in the Literature and Education category. These national awards are organised by Valhala Arts and involve identifying, profiling and celebrating high-profile women with disabilities who have left lasting legacies in various fields of society.

Even with all of these accolades, Lois remains humble and committed to making a difference in the lives of others – and she has achieved all this and more without her sight.

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Since joining CIS Toastmasters in March 2014, Linda van Deventer has gotten a lot more than she bargained for. Initially motivated by a desire to gain confidence and speak to people about her network marketing business, Linda was quick to learn that speaking was just one of the skills she could add to her warrior armour.

At first a bit daunted by the requirement to write her own speeches, she found that after the encouragement and other warm responses to the delivery of her ice-breaker, she was well on her way to Toastmaster stardom. With the first flush of confidence under her belt, she grew a huge appetite for goal setting with equal aptitude for going after them.

 MG 5799 MG 5739In just one year she completed a triple crown with the help of Margy Sneeden, who Linda says, “made it so easy”. A triple crown is the achievement of Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, and Advanced Leader Bronze in the space of one toastmaster year. She was recognised as a club emissary in the same year and remarked “by visiting other clubs one can gain experience from fellow Toastmasters”

Continuing to attract accolades, Linda was recognised with the Bright Spark Award on 16 May 2015. What made it more thrilling was the double celebration – during the award ceremony presented at the MayCon, Linda was home celebrating her son's 4th birthday. Linda says receiving this recognition was a huge surprise “It’s better than a pay cheque.” The Bright Spark Award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to District 74 that results in a wow experience.

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BPL’s key to sustainability - from Tembisa to Top Freight Forwarder http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/298-bpl-s-key-to-sustainability-from-tembisa-to-top-freight-forwarder http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/298-bpl-s-key-to-sustainability-from-tembisa-to-top-freight-forwarder

Welcome at Wrench 21 10 2014 2Guts, determination and intensive mentorship have paid off for Fortunate Mboweni, Import Controller at Bidvest Panalpina Logistics. Fortunate was the winner of the finals of the FIATA Young Freight Forwarder of the Year 2014 competition held at the FIATA World Congress in Istanbul on 15 October 2014. The contest was started in 1999 by FIATA with sponsorship from multi-modal operatorinsurers, the TT Club.

Fortunate had just 15 minutes to convince the judges that her knowledge, expertise and approach to the subject of her dissertation were better than those of entrants from the FIATA Europe, Americas and Pacific regions. This is the first time the competition has been won by a contestant from Africa.

To reach this pinnacle Fortunate won the South African competition in January 2014 followed by the Region Africa Middle East competition in July 2014. Her presentation used a combination of an African teaching tool (the Buffalo thorn) and symbolic images to describe her journey from ‘unconscious incompetence’ to ‘conscious competence’ and how the African tradition of Ubuntu guides her to inspire other young people.

The impact of Fortunate’s presentation was so powerful that she has been invited to FIATA’s Region Africa Middle East meeting in Dubai and the World Congress in Taipei next year as the Youth Ambassador for Africa. As her competition prize she will undergo one week of training in London and another week in Hong Kong or New York.

“Fortunate deserved to win the award. She achieved the highest marks for her dissertation and her presentation to the Steering Committee was extremely professional and well thought through. It was an honour to present her with the 2014 YIFFY award and hope Fortunate will capitalise on the opportunities that she has created for herself,” said Andrew Kemp, Regional Director Europe, Middle East & Africa, for the TT Club. 

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Joe lecturn enhanced(An extract from the advanced speech presented by Linda van Deventer – Speaking in Praise – in honour of Joe Garmeson – Founding member of CIS Toastmasters Club)

I am standing here, a member CIS Toastmasters club, with the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth, purely because of the efforts of one person. District Director Paul Jensen is fond of using the phrase “we stand on the shoulders of giants” when he speaks of extraordinary toastmasters who have gone before us. Tonight I say “thank you” to one such giant, Joe Garmeson, Mr Toastmaster Southern Africa.

Ask any toastmaster about the history of district 74 Southern Africa Toastmasters and the first thing they will tell you is had it not been for Joe, then Toastmasters Southern Africa would not have been recognised as a district in 1978. Closer to home, Joe tackled another adversary - during the apartheid era he lobbied the South African government to allow non-whites to attend toastmasters meeting, explaining to them it would benefit the country as a whole. Once again, Joe was persistent and it’s been said that he sat on the doorstep of the office of the minister of home affairs’ for days, until he was granted an audience with the minister.

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