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The time may come when you ask yourself this question; a question to which there are many answers. This article provides the good, the better and the best reasons why it is a good thing to do.

People become Toastmasters for a variety of reasons, mostly to improve their communication and leadership skills. This is done through completing educational programmes to achieve Toastmasters qualifications. The highest award, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), is achieved by completing both the communication and leadership streams. To achieve the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) qualification a Toastmaster must either start a new club or rescue an existing non-performing club. This is the primary reason why many Toastmasters decide to start a new club: to complete their ALS. It is a good reason but not the only reason.

It is said that to truly learn and understand one must do. Starting a new club is an opportunity for a Toastmaster to practice the skills learned in the communication and leadership programmes, an opportunity to learn by doing.

To start a new club you will make many presentations: to convey information about Toastmasters to the prospective members, to persuade people to join the club and to inspire people to become members and take on responsibilities to run the new club. This puts the skills learned achieving the Competent Communicator qualification to work to achieve a meaningful outcome.

But a Toastmaster cannot start the club on his/her own. To be successful you will have to build a core team, secure participation from many other Toastmasters, prepare plans and then manage completing all the tasks. Doing this you will be team-building, delegating, listening, and problem-solving; all skills learned achieving the Competent Leader qualification.

Starting a new club provides an opportunity to use all the skills learned, to learn-by-doing in pursuit of a meaningful
outcome. This is a better reason to start a new club.

The purpose of Toastmasters is to help people to grow so that they are better equipped to achieve all their goals; goals at work, at play and at home. The skills learned as a member of a Toastmasters Club are foundational and universal in their relevance and applicability. This learn-by-doing approach in a club is powerful but also constrained. An effective club can only support the active participation of twenty to thirty members. Starting new clubs is essential to enable more people to enjoy the unquestionable benefits of being a Toastmaster.

Only active Toastmasters can lead the drive to start more clubs. While starting new clubs does help you complete a leadership programme and develop your own competency and confidence, starting new clubs builds an infrastructure that changes peoples’ lives, helping them to achieve their dreams and ultimately to create value for our communities, corporates and countries. When you decide to start a new club you become part of achieving this purpose, which is the best reason of all to make this decision.

They say the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago and the second best time is today. Decide today to help start new clubs and be part of creating a better future for all!

David Preece DTM, PDG

David Preece1

pro@toastmasters74.org (PRO) Toastmasters Tales Thu, 16 Jul 2015 15:30:18 +0000
Toastmasters use the Educational Series to train the community http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/q-a-for-toastmasters/281-toastmasters-use-the-educational-series-to-train-the-community http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/q-a-for-toastmasters/281-toastmasters-use-the-educational-series-to-train-the-community

Lynn Southby, Area Governor for Area S5, and Beth Thomas DTM, PID, PDG working with Rotary Club of Three Rivers in the Vaal Triangle used the “Improve your management skills” and “Effective Listening skills” programmes from the Success Leadership Series to train a group of 27 Ward Coordinators on 23rd January. These are volunteers working in the community with Rotary. Rainbow Nation Toastmasters Club and Rotary Club of Three Rivers will work together again on Human Rights day  (21st March) to do a “Speaker’s Corner” event when people can get on their “soap boxes” and speak about issues needing attention in our area and giving ideas on how to solve the problems.

Rainbow Nation Toastmasters Club partnered with Rotary Club of Three Rivers for a PR Awareness day and led an annual Bilingual contest to celebrate our diversity with over 60 people attended.

Clearly Rainbow Nation Toastmasters Club not only serve their members and make a difference in their community. Well done to the club and to Daniel Masukela the club VPE for these events.

pro@toastmasters74.org (PRO) Q&A for Toastmasters Sat, 28 Feb 2015 01:47:03 +0000
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Toastmasters is really for everyone because when it comes to communication skills, there's ALWAYS room for improvement!

How to Join Toastmasters

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Maycon overview http://www.toastmasters74.org/events/maycon http://www.toastmasters74.org/events/maycon

LogoStarCon 2015

The upcoming StarCon conference dates are 14-16 May 2015.  Our team is all about finding excellence and reaching beyond your perceived limitations.  And so, the theme of “Reach for the Stars” was born and all things Star Wars and Star Trek were adopted.


We have fantastic Speakers who each deliver a unique message.  These include:

images 21

  • Douglas Kruger
  • Andrew Horton
  • Dineshrie Pillay
  • Petro Jansen Van Vuuren
  • Carl Schultz
  • Nadiem Solomon
  • Roberta Donovan
  • Tony Dovale
  • Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
  • Errol van der Merwe

For more about our speakers, view our Speakers page.

At present our Sponsors include Ormonde Vineyards, Simonsberg Cheeses, Snackworks Biscuits, Sappi, L. Ron Hubbard Heritage Site, Mark Eifler Photography and Infusions wines.  Each sponsor and the speakers in the program have been given the opportunity to market their products/services at the conference either in the conference materials or with a physical stand on the days.


YodaThe Grand Finale of StarCon 2015 is of course, the Gala Ball.

This is a chance for you to get dressed up as a Star Wars or Star Trek character (choose your side wisely).  You can also come as a Spaceman, an Alien, a Planet, or the Scariest of all ... Yourself  :-D

Clubs or groups of friends can also book an entire table, name it after their favourite planet and bring their own ideas to the party.

There will be Food, Fun, Fame and Fred Astaire Dancing, so make sure you don’t miss out on an “Out of This World” event.






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OctoberCon overview http://www.toastmasters74.org/events/octobercon http://www.toastmasters74.org/events/octobercon


2nd to 3rd October 2015
Premier International Convention Centre, East London

The conference will draw on the strong Eastern Cape value of UBUNTU which is communicated and enforced through traditional practices and storytelling. Ubuntu will permeate the whole conference giving it a distinctive African flavour.

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Maycon accommodation http://www.toastmasters74.org/maycon-accommodation http://www.toastmasters74.org/maycon-accommodation



Please contact us at maxicon@toastmasters74.org if you are able to assist with homestay/transport to and from the conference.

Alternatively, simply fill in the form at 



Aviator Logo

The Aviator Hotel OR Tambo


Telephone :  +27 (0) 11 921 8300

Facsimile   :  +27 (0) 11 921 8399

Email         :  reservations@theaviator.co.za

Email         :  gm@theaviator.co.za

Functions and Conferences Email :  events@theaviator.co.za

Quote "Toastmasters" when booking at The Aviator Hotel to get preferential rates for Starcon 2015

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OctoberCon accommodation http://www.toastmasters74.org/octobercon-accommodation http://www.toastmasters74.org/octobercon-accommodation


Accommodation:  List to be supplied – homestays in East London are very limited.

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New member kits http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/for-members/new-member-kits6 http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/for-members/new-member-kits6

Need your new member kit still? If you have been registered as a new member and paid your joining fee and membership payment (you have a membership number) then you can follow-up with your Division Coordinator with regards to progress on your new member kit.


If you are not sure who to contact then contact Gillian Trybus.

Div A Coordinator: Susan le Roux details as above
Div D Coordinator: Lindsay Meihuizen meilin@netactive.co.za
Div E Coordinator: Megan Judd meganj@clarendonpark.co.za
Div H Coordinator: Jenny Shiers jenny@imbsworld.com
Div I Coordinator: Cornelia Pleho 0769743155@vodamail.co.za
Div L Coordinator: Di Sharp di.sharp@gijima.com
Div R Coordinator: Jennifer Rhoode jennifer.rhode@vodacom.co.za
Div S Coordinator: Gillian Trybus gillian.trybus@fnb.co.za
Div P Coordinator: Attie Swanepoel info@radtrain.co.za

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