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cds IMG 2420An obstacle that is sometimes overlooked by club members was highlighted to me when I was the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for my Division. As a Toastmaster, it is often said that we speak a different language. This article, I wrote in 2011 for our Division newsletter and I remember receiving a phone call from a long-standing Toastmaster, thanking me for sharing my views on a topic that is often overlooked. I feel that this topic is as relevant now as it was then and would like to thus share it with all of our Toastmasters in District 74.

As a new member or a guest at a club meeting, one is inclined to hear something like this being said before a speaker takes the floor, "Tonight, Jane Smith, our VPE will be doing her CC5 on her experiences at COT earlier this year. She has indicated that she would like to complete her CC by the end of the Toastmasters year and so assist the club in achieving its DCP. She will be evaluated by John Brown, who has his ACS and ALB and well on his way to achieving his DTM."

As a new member hearing this mouthful for the first time is probably what an Englishman feels like in a foreign country. I recall a time when I was still very young, travelling to Sweden to visit family. On a day trip to one of the many islands within Sweden, I managed to get lost. Not being able to speak Swedish, I started panicking especially when the locals refused to assist me when they heard my English tongue. It was hopeless, each time I approached someone, I was shown a negative shake of the head and all I knew to say in Swedish was "hello" and "good-bye" which didn’t help me either.

When I was eventually found, after nearly 2 hours, I burst into tears. I was relieved that finally someone understood my anxiety of not being able to communicate what the problem was because I couldn’t speak the language.

I have been a Toastmaster for a few years now and suddenly I find that I speak the Toastmasters language quite fluently. Because of this, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are 'foreigners' amongst us tuning out when the lingo begins and in turn we are alienating them from joining this great organisation.

In our haste to achieve greatness, we can overlook the person who has taken a big leap of faith to walk through the door of our club and face a roomful of strangers only to have to listen to a language that is completely foreign to them.

cds IMG 2454In your meeting roles, take the time to explain things for the benefit of your guests. Learning how to speak Toastmasters is not that difficult, so be the translator for your guest and see the difference. I know am constantly striving to make a conscious effort to make my guests understand what I am saying so that I am not one of those local Swedes who refused to talk to me when I was clearly lost on their island.

Marion Thomas

Division D Governor
2014 -2015


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Judging Fast and Slow, Something to Think About http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/judging-and-contests/293-judging-fast-and-slow-something-to-think-about http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/judging-and-contests/293-judging-fast-and-slow-something-to-think-about

"Try to be as consciously unbiased as possible" is a plea that many Chief Judges use when they brief voting and tiebreaker judges before a Toastmasters speech contest. And judges are asked to sign a certification of eligibility and ethics too. For the perfectionists among us, are we confident enough to sign that pledge?

I thought I could. I had authored the script for Chief Judges in this District and made it available on www.toastmasters74.org. That was until I started reading Daniel Kahneman’s book,Thinking, Fast and Slow, Penguin Books, 2011 (very affordably available as an Adobe Digital Edition **). I was referred to it by prolific contributor to the Toastmasters International LinkedIn group, Andrew Chiu, who pointed out that judges have to make judgement calls in a very short period of time i.e. 1 minute between speakers. The school who like to judge by comparing speaker to previous speaker may not be too fazed by this challenge, as they spend time going back and forth, and take their time at the end. I challenge you to clearly recall how the first speaker performed at a District Contest which currently has 10 speakers. Hence, my preference to "judge in the now", and not compare with other speakers.

Kahneman won the 2002 Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences, but is renowned for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making: economic decisions are a psychological challenge too!

To survive physically or psychologically, we sometimes need to react automatically to a speeding taxi as we step off the pavement or to the subtle facial cues of an angry boss. That automatic mode of thinking, not under voluntary control, contrasts with the need to slow down and deliberately fiddle with pencil and paper when working through an algebra problem. Ah! That's what judges do but do they have the chance to engage both of these modes of thinking - fast and slow?

Andrew also challenged my advice that contestants expect judges to use the criteria on the judge's guide. "It has value, but it's also fool's gold." That is because we often make assumptions about these criteria which are not 100% appropriate. Kahneman addresses this in Part 2 "Heuristics and Biases". I'll also address this in the next blog entry :-)

I would like to include some exercises in judging workshops this contest season, so that we all can challenge our ways of thinking (and listening) when judging. Further communication skills training. Thabo Malefane is organising one for Monday 3 August for Division S. Why not join us?

** Find the extract of the first chapter here: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/kahneman-excerpt-thinking-fast-and-slow/ and a summary of how it can be applied to the PR industry: http://soloprpro.com/persuasive-communication-pr-psychology-and-the-brain/.

By Shaun Goodbrand DTM
D74 Chief Judge

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Contest Winners competing at Conference http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/q-a-for-toastmasters/291-q-who-pays-for-the-division-contest-winners-to-attend-and-compete-at-conference http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/q-a-for-toastmasters/291-q-who-pays-for-the-division-contest-winners-to-attend-and-compete-at-conference

​Q) ​Who pays for the division contest winners to attend and compete at conference?​

A) ​The contestant does. When you compete in any contest you need to understand that there are costs involved. The contestants will have to pay their own accommodation and conference fees. Sometimes homestays are available so ideally I would suggest all Division Directors request a homestay for their 2 contestants as soon as the date/venue for the conference is released. Don’t wait until number 99 to get this done. As Division Director you know that there are contests at every conference and each division will send contestants, so do it asap. You don’t need to give names or any other detail, just make a provincial booking.

Q) ​Why doesn’t district pay for any part of this?

A) ​That’s the rules and regulations of Toastmasters International. Please read the bylaws.


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Why should I start a new club? http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/290-why-should-i-start-a-new-club http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/290-why-should-i-start-a-new-club

David Preece1

The time may come when you ask yourself this question; a question to which there are many answers. This article provides the good, the better and the best reasons why it is a good thing to do.

People become Toastmasters for a variety of reasons, mostly to improve their communication and leadership skills. This is done through completing educational programmes to achieve Toastmasters qualifications. The highest award, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), is achieved by completing both the communication and leadership streams. To achieve the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) qualification a Toastmaster must either start a new club or rescue an existing non-performing club. This is the primary reason why many Toastmasters decide to start a new club: to complete their ALS. It is a good reason but not the only reason.

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Club and area alignment http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/district/club-and-area-alignment http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/district/club-and-area-alignment


DivisionArea #Area Director SurnameFirst NameClubs in Area
A 1 Mjila Monde Maputo, Midrand, Vodacom, Byte yr Tongue, Resolve
A 2 Goosen Neil Centurion, Telephonix, Central Centurion, Mercedes Benz, Centurion Eagles, Lakeside Centurion
A 3 Poole Marion Scientia, Pretoria East, Strelitizia, Tag, Sanlam Speaks
A 4 Whyte Aldaine Forum, Pretoria 2000, Vital Communicators, Emahaleni, Totius Masters
A 5 Molokoane Dineo President, SARB, Open Society, Pretoria Tshwane, DIRCO, Rustenburg
D 1 Roux Francois Good Hope, Two Oceans, The Breakfast Club, Pick n Pay
D 2 Khan Afsana Cape Town, Cape Anchor, Pinelands, River Park
D 3 Klein Graham Pep Talkers, The Grove, Cape Communicators, Taverners
D 4 Kamatuka Gerson Tarentaal, Seagulls, Swakopmund, NBC
E 1 Fleischer Mark Algoa, ACT, NMMU, uSpeak
E 2 Pedi Tshepiso Protea, Thuthuka, Soaring Eagles, Rhodes University
E 3 Dabata Singata KSD TVET College, #IQULA, WSU Accounting
H 1 Chigalu Soustain Eloquent, Blantyre, Lilongwe
H 2 Cassel Margot 4th Dimension, UWP, Dainfern, Siyakha
H 3 Mfeli Emmanuel Speechquest, Royal Haskoning, Business Engage, Deloitte, Fluor
H 4 Taylor Judith Transformers, Sandton, Rivonia, Morningside
H 5 Mashifane Mahwidi Golden Gavel, Accenture, Hatch, CommunIQate
I 1 Tasker Sofia Alberton, Gold Reef, Afrikaanse Alberton, Bespoke Nielsen
I 2 Rajuili Bryant Kempton Park, Univocal, BPL, Modderfontein, BPL Innovation
I 3 Bratt Ian Benoni, Mbabane, Refined Raconteurs, Sasol Synfuels
I 4 de Kramer Robert Bedfordview, Village, Egoli, Oasis
L 1 Bannerman Edmund Gaborone, Eloquent Speakers, Grant Thornton, Botho Botswana
L 2 Mogapi Tebogo Rosebank, Rio Illovo, Illovo Lions, TWP
L 3 Feros Luther Johannesburg, CIS, Kadimah, The Sages, Greenside
L 4 Thela Njabulo KPMG, Altron, WBS, Accenture
L 5 Maggs Jackie Nedbank, Buwa E & Y, JSE, CIMA
P 1 Syers Wendy Umgeni, Durban, eGagasini, Grand Capital
P 2 Thompson Harold Highway, Forest Hills, Chatsworth, Pietermaritzburg
P 3 Fulton Worrick Umhlanga, Speakeasy, MTN, Rhino
R 1 Frost Warren Siemens, Table View, Vodacom, Meet-Talk-Network, Ernst & Young CT
R 2 Williams Michelle Winelands, Tygerberg, Cima Cape Town, Visa Cape Town, Sanlam
R 3 Abrahams Ragmah Consol Conversations, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Chuckle n Chirp
R 4 Kraak Diana Table Bay, Peninsula, Talking Heads, Allan Gray
S 1 Gernaat John-Peter Rainbow, Leaders in Action, Effective Communicators, Changed People, Bloemfontein
S 2 Sebogodi Lebogang Florida, West Rand, Positive Speakers, Bacon & Egg
S 3 Nekhavhambe Thendo Randburg, Honeydew, Moments to Note, Republikan
S 4 Sono Johannes Sharpville, Rainbow Nation, Senwes
S 5 Hlatshwayo Nomusa Anglo EasySpeakers, Std Bank Ops, ABSA Sundowners, ABSA Breakfast Club, TCP
Z 1 Chimanikire Linda Engineers, Capital, Metropolitan, Champions, Waterfront
Z 2 Bapire William Executive, Challengers, Diplomatic Corps, Supreme
Z 3 Mwamba Kreole Kangwa Zambezi, ZCAS, Lusaka Pros, Madison.
webmaster@toastmasters74.org (Administrator) District Fri, 10 Jul 2015 15:31:56 +0000
Find a club http://www.toastmasters74.org/about/find-a-club http://www.toastmasters74.org/about/find-a-club

Please visit the Toastmasters International website for a current list of all clubs in Southern Africa and the rest of the world.

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Morag Mathieson Interview http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/276-morag-mathieson-interview http://www.toastmasters74.org/news/toastmasters-tales/276-morag-mathieson-interview

Morag Mathieson, Regional Advisor for Region 11, was interviewed on Cape Town on the John Maytham show by Stephen Grootes. Morag is currently serving as the Toastmasters Region Advisor for Europe, Middle East and Africa (2014 - 2015).

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Club Proxies http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/district/club-proxies http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/district/club-proxies

All you need to know about club proxies.

Register your club proxy here.

At the district council business meeting, each club president and vice president education in attendance is entitled to one vote. However, if either or both officers cannot attend, they may designate, in writing, any other active member of their club to act as a proxy or proxies for their club. No other proxies are valid at this meeting, per Article X: Council Meetings, Quorum, Proxies, and Voting (a) Proxies of the District Administrative Bylaws.

In the event one of these officers does not attend the meeting and has not designated in writing an active member of the club to act as his or her proxy, the officer or proxy holder in attendance is deemed to hold the proxy of the other, and may therefore cast two votes at the meeting. This assures that every club is represented by two votes.

In addition, each district officer, including area governors, in attendance is entitled to one vote. Only district executive com- mittee members carrying both credential or proxy certificates from their club are allowed three votes. All other members are limited to a maximum of two votes each.

Assigning proxies

Appointed office Can I assign my proxy To my area or division governor or a member of cabinet What if my area or division governor or member of cabinet is a member of my club If I am a member of two or more clubs
Member of Cabinet No No No No
Division Governor No No No No
Area Governor No No No No
Club President Yes No Yes Yes
Club VPE Yes No Yes Yes

Questions and answers

  The 10 most commonly asked questions Answer
1 What is the maximum number of votes any one person may carry? Three
2 I am VPE and my President forgot to give me his/her Proxy.  What must I do? You may "assume" your President's Proxy and carry 2 votes
3 I am President and my VPE forgot to give me his/her Proxy.  What must I do? You may "assume" your VPE's Proxy and carry 2 votes
4 I belong to 2 Clubs and I am the only member from both who can attend the meeting. Can I carry the Proxy for both VPEs and Presidents? No. You may carry a total of 3 votes only.
5 I am President (or VPE) and the District Governor is a member of my Club.  May he/she carry my proxy? Yes, up to a maximum of 3 votes including their own.
6 I am President of Club A and VPE of Club B.  Joe from A Club is attending conference.  May Joe carry my Proxy for Presdient and VPE? Joe may carry only the proxy of the club he is a member of unless he is a member of both Clubs too.
7 Can I submit my proxy to the Credentials Officer by SMS? No.  The proxy must be in writing with the Officer's signature,  or in a format that can be easily printed on paper such as the Form-Stack on line format
8 8I did sign the register and receive my Ballot Papers but I left them in my hotel room.  Can I still vote? You may participate in the "show of hands" votes, but not the secret written vote which requires the red numbered yellow ballot sheet.
9 We have started a new club an hope it will charter in the week before Conference.  Can their President and VPE be included in the voting? Yes, provided WHQ has received the payment and issued the Club with their Charter Number, they are in good standing and may vote.
10 Our Club's Treasurer forgot to pay our Club's dues.  May we still vote? No.  Your Club is not in good standing until dues for at least 8 members has been paid.
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District Leaders 2015/2016 http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/leadership/district-leadership http://www.toastmasters74.org/members/leadership/district-leadership



District Director

Paul Jensen


Program Quality Director

Sandra Cooper


Club Growth Director

Edmore Gamundani


Public Relations Manager

Margy Sneeden


Administration Manager

Frank Tsuro


Finance Manager

Johan Viljoen


Immediate Past District Governor

Aletta Rochat



Division Directors

Division A Director

Lzt Bloem


Division D Director

Verity Price


Division E Director

Althea van der Merwe


Division H Director

Eric Kaila


Division I Director

Richard Francis


Division L Director

Lazola Belle


Division P Director

Jason Sanders


Division R Director

Chris Adlam


Division S Director

Thabo Malefane


Division Z Director

Davison Ncube



Area Directors

Monde Mjila Area A1 Director
Neil Goosen Area A2 Director
Marion Poole Area A3 Director
Aldaine Whyte Area A4 Director
Dineo Molokoane Area A5 Director
Francois Roux Area D1 Director
Afsana Khan Area D2 Director
Graham Klein Area D3 Director
Gerson Kamatuka Area D4 Director
Mark Fleischer Area E1 Director
Tshepiso Pedi Area E2 Director
Singata Dabata Area E3 Director
Soustain Chigalu Area H1 Director
Margot Cassel Area H2 Director
Emmanuel Mfeli Area H3 Director
Judith Taylor Area H4 Director
Jonas Mashifane Area H5 Director
Sofia Tasker Area I1 Director
Bryant Rajuili Area I2 Director
Ian Bratt Area I3 Director
Robert de Kramer Area I4 Director
Edmund Bannerman Area L1 Director
Tebogo Mogapi Area L2 Director
Luther Feros Area L3 Director
Njabulo Thela Area L4 Director
Jackie Maggs Area L5 Director
Wendy Syers Area P1 Director
Harry Thompson Area P2 Director
Worrick Fulton Area P3 Director
Warren Frost Area R1 Director
Michelle Williams Area R2 Director
Ragmah Abrahams Area R3 Director
Diana Kraak Area R4 Director
JP Gernaat Area S1 Director
Lebogang Sebogodi Area S2 Director
Thendo Nekhavhambe Area S3 Director
Johannes Sono Area S4 Director
Nomusa Hlatshwayo Area S5 Director
Linda Chimanikire Area Z1 Director
William Bapire Area Z2 Director
Kreole Mwamba Area Z3 Director
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