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The conference team would like to thank all those who participated in the Toastmasters International May conference at Bytes Conference Centre from 12 - 14 May 2014.  From the feedback reports and discussions with attendees it was a great event.  The team were happy and we all learnt so much, akin to any Toastmasters activities.

We would like to remind you or the following while the conference is still top of mind.

1. There are still Toastmaster branded Lanyards available.  The price is R 25 each or R 20 each for bundels of 20 (R 400)

Please see the order form clickable here or below so that we can confirm your order.

2. We have 8 Gig Flash drives in the shape of a credit card (Toastmasters Branded) which cost R 250 with all the photos from the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Day events. Over 500 photos. This is a real bargain however you need to place an order early so we can reserve the memory card and have the photos copied.

3. DVD of the guest speakers as well as the international contest speeches are available on request.  Many of you have put a R 50 deposit down on the order. These will be ready by end of May.  Any new orders require a R 50 deposit and will be ready for collection in June.

All orders can be placed here and the deposit paid by 31 May. 


Paul Tanton

Conference Convenor MayCon 2016

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