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Southern Africa

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Archived awards

Best Club Bulletin Award

Year Recipient
2010 Taverners 1997 Alberton
2009 Taverners 1996 The Nib
2008 Standard Bank Operations 1995 Good Hope
2007 not awarded 1994 The Nib
2006 Pretoria 2000 1993 Republic of Hout Bay
2005 Umgeni 1992 Nedcor
2004 Not awarded 1991 Nedcor
2003 Umgeni 1990 Florida
2002 Umgeni 1989 Nedcor
2001 Good Hope 1988 Nedcor
2000 First Communicators 1987 Pietermaritzburg
1999 West Rand 1986 Ernst & Whinney Jhb
1998 Pretoria 2000 1985 The Nib

Awarded at the May conference

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Award name

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Best Club Bulletin Award

Donated by ?
Date ?

Adolph P Kaestner DTM

What is the Award ?
(e.g. Trophy, Certificate, etc.)

  • A floating trophy
  • A certificate with citation
  • Registered in D74 Hall of Fame

When is it awarded ?
(e.g. Maxicon, Minicon)

  • Annually at the May Conference

Covering what period ?

  • 1 July of the previous year to date of the Awards Committee meeting - usually March

Presented to?
(individual, team etc.)

  • The editor of the club bulletin which is adjudged the best
  • The club must be a fully paid-up club of Toastmasters D74

(i.e. not eligible for nomination)

  • The award is a single award and should not be shared between two or more recipients. (i.e. no ties)

For what ?
(the criteria)

  • To honour and recognise the editor of a club bulletin who produces a bulletin/newsletter that is
    • both informative, educational and tells the story of the club and its members
    • produced and distributed no less that 4 times a year
    • also servers as a good PR and sales tool for guests and new members of the club
  • The guidelines for the international award should all be covered when considering the overall criteria for this award as well.

Should there be no clear winner then no award should be made and this fact be recorded on the trophy and in the hall of fame.

Who may nominate?

  • All fully paid-up clubs in the District may submit their bulletins /newsletters for inclusion in this contest

Who decides?
(e.g. Awards Committee, DG)

  • A panel of judges selected and chaired by the District Public Relations Officer

Presented by?

  • The District Governor

Last updated?

  • October 2006